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Symposium 2016

General Information

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The second ‘United in Compassion' Medicinal Cannabis Symposium is being held in conjunction with the inaugural 'Hemp, Health and Innovation' industry expo. NSW Premier - Mike Baird will be opening the Symposium.

Philosophy - The dignified alleviation of suffering with compassion and empathy.

Mission Statement - Our primary mission is to provide compassionate access to cannabis medicines in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable and equitable, for the dignified relief of suffering.

Planting seeds & growing minds!

Invited Speakers - Click here for the timetable

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  • Professor Cristina Sánchez - Complutense University Madrid, Spain

    "The pre-clinical (and in some cases clinical) research demonstrating that cannabis has a wide therapeutic potential is enormous and scientifically very solid.

    At this point, combined efforts from basic researchers, clinicians, big or small pharmaceutical companies and legislators, should be made to transfer this knowledge from the labs to the clinics.

    There is no reason to make patients wait any longer".

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  • Associate Professor Dr David Caldicott - B.Sc(Hons) [N.U.I.], MB.BS(Lond.), FCEM, Dip Clin Tox


    Consultant Emergency Physician,
    JMO Supervisor, Emergency Department, Calvary Hospital, Canberra

    "I think the issue regarding medicinal cannabis is simply one of compassion".

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  • Alice O’Leary-Randall, B.A., L.P.

    "medical access to cannabis is a human and biological right" .

    Alice is a senior spokesperson for the medical cannabis movement. In 1976 her late husband, Robert C. Randall, became the first person in the U.S. to legally receive medical cannabis.

    The couple co-founded the medical cannabis movement in America, assisting patients and educating the American public about the therapeutic potential of cannabis. In 1980 they co-founded Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, the nation’s first non-profit organization devoted to medical cannabis issues.

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  • Justin Sinclair - Herbalist, Pharmacognosist & Educator - M.HerbMed (USyd) BHSc (Nat)(UNE) ND DBM DRM Dip Nutrition MNHAA MATMS

    "Cannabis is first and foremost a herbal medicine...a plant of incredible scope and that has been used by our ancestors, from a diverse range of cultures, for millennia.

    A plant that can not only alleviate pain and suffering, but restore health and homeostasis. We now have an opportunity to reinstate this therapeutic plant to our pharmacopoeias, dispel the inaccuracies that surround it and use the best of cutting edge science to ensure its quality, safety and efficacy for those that are in genuine need.

    Make no mistake...Cannabis is not experiencing a has not been is simply returning to its rightful place".

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  • Lucy Haslam

    "My first experience with medicinal cannabis was when my husband and I encouraged our 23 year old son to smoke a cannabis joint. We were not being irresponsible parents...we were desperate parents who had struggled to watch our son suffer needlessly through years of gruelling chemotherapy.

    His battle with cancer had led him to a very dark place where constant nausea and vomiting was stripping away any quality of life he had left. Medicinal Cannabis was a last resort .. and it was miraculous!"

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  • Mike Baird - Premier of New South Wales

    "Every step we take on medical Cannabis,

      will be built on the footsteps Dan Haslam left behind"

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  • Dr Bonni Goldstein MD - USA

    Dr. Goldstein is the owner and Medical Director of Canna-Centers, a medical practice devoted to educating patients about the use of Cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions, and the Medical Director for She is a Member of the International Association of Cannabis as Medicine, the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. She recently spoke at the National ‘Patients Out of Time’ Conference in Florida, sharing her results on the use of cannabidiol to treat pediatric epilepsy.

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  • Dr Ethan Russo MD - USA

    "Cannabis, the medicinal plant, has led us to a deeper understanding of the Endocannabinoid System, a key regulatory homeostatic mechanism in human physiology that will lead to better treatments of many diseases." Ethan Russo, MD, is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and Medical Director of PHYTECS, a biotechnology company researching and developing innovative approaches targeting the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).

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  • Dr Ilan Linder MD, Paediatric Neurologist, Israel

    "Medicinal Cannabis is a major Quality Of Life changer for pediatric epileptic patients and their families". Treating pediatric patients with intractable epilepsy with medical Cannabis oil extract and vaporized Cannabis. Ilan has treated over 130 pediatric patients with intractable epilepsy over the past two years. He will report in detail on the interesting findings, including the results in treating twenty five of them with vaporized Cannabis. Ilan will also share his experience in treating pediatric movement disorders with medical Cannabis. He will describe the impressive effect Cannabis has on the patients and their families everyday life. Ilan will speak about the Via Dolorosa families encounter until receiving medical Cannabis license and the recent changes made by the Ministry of Health to help overcome bureaucracy.

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  • Bill Turner - Australian Government Department of Health

    Head, Office of Drug Control Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Services Group. Bill trained as a veterinarian and has had a 21 year career in the public service working in a wide range of roles that include veterinary officer in charge on export abattoirs; trade negotiation; diplomatic representation and grant program administration. From May 2011 until February 2016, he has worked in the Therapeutic Goods Administration, firstly as the head of the Manufacturing Quality Branch and then the Scientific Evaluation Branch. With the formation of the Office of Drug Control, Bill is now responsible for the regulation of the licit manufacture of narcotic drugs, their import and export and reporting to the International Narcotic Control Board. The Office of Drug Control is in the process of putting together the enabling regulations that will implement the framework for the cultivation of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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  • Ma'ayan Weisberg - Tikun Olam Medicinal Cannabis, Israel

    Ma’ayan is the Director of International Public Relations for Tikun Olam the first producer of medical Cannabis in Israel and one of leading medical Cannabis companies in the world. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Political Science and Communications in 2010. She went on to establish the patient service and customer support department in Tikun Olam, creating protocols of service and customer support for Tikun Olam patients in addition to heading recruitment and staff training. She lectures internationally about medical Cannabis and research developed in Tikun Olam. She leads Tikun Olam’s Public Relations and marketing departments.

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  • Head Nurse & Director of Tikum Olam Medical Cannabis Treatment Clinic

    As the Head Nurse of "Hadarim" Nursing Home, from 2009 to 2011 Inbal initiated a groundbreaking medical Cannabis program for the elderly with 'Tikun Olam' medical Cannabis company in "Hadarim" nursing home. In 2011 she ran an experimental government national treatment course for the instruction of medical cannabis for patients. In 2012 led groundbreaking research of medical Cannabis as a treatment for the elderly, as well as creating a standard of treatment, as head of Tikun Olam treatment center, providing protocols of treatment and collecting patient data. Recruited nurses for medical Cannabis treatment clinic: creating Pediatric program and general counseling standards. 2014 - Presented Tikum Olam research and accumulated patient data from the Medical Cannabis Treatment Center in the Israeli National Nurses Seminar.

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  • Robert C. Clarke - USA

    "A pictorial world view of Cannabis will introduce its great diversity and economic potential. Expanding from this historical background I will summarize the selection, breeding and cultivation of present-day medicinal Cannabis cultivars, and explore potentials for further research". Rob Clarke has devoted his entire professional career and much of his personal life to studying the Cannabis plant and human-cannabis relationships. He is the author of “The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis”(1977), “Marijuana Botany” (1981) and “HASHISH!” (1998) and co-author of “Hemp Pests and Diseases” (2000) and “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany” (2013).

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  • Dr Jeffery Hergenrather MD - USA

    "The elucidation of the endocannabinoid system, eCB system, is the greatest discovery in medicine and biology since Watson and Crick characterized DNA and the double helix over 50 years ago. The eCB system modulates and protects the body in all animals throughout the animals kingdom except insects from hydra to humans. 

    Cannabis and cannabinoids safely and effectively augment this naturalhomeostatic system bringing vast therapeutic opportunities to medicine".

Medicinal Cannabis Symposium 2016

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    In 2014 the inaugural Medicinal Cannabis Symposium was held in Tamworth NSW. Tamworth Medical Cannabis crusader, Lucy Haslam believed that education was lacking on the debate to legalise the drug for the terminally ill. Given the heightened interest it was time to hold a conference.

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    Conference 2014

    The event brought together politicians including NSW Premier Mike Baird, police and some of the worlds leading scientific experts on the issue, as well as carers and sufferers sharing their experiences. Subsequently UNITED IN COMPASSION was born.

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    United in Compassion

    May 2016 will again see many of these people come together and we invite you to be a part of this important debate. Educate yourself, enjoy the opportunity to gain vital knowledge on this issue, leave informed and enlightened. Contact us for further information.

Thank you To all exhibitors

The HHI Expo & Medicinal Cannabis Symposium is being held over two days commencing Saturday 14th May to Sunday 15th May 2016 with an array of exhibitor booths. Plenty to see and do. Enjoy your weekend with us during this special event!