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HHI Symposium


9.05am Opening 9.35 - 9.50am Hemp Farms Australia
9.15 - 9.50am Ben & Michael Oakley 9.55 - 10.35am Klara Marosszeky
9.55 - 10.25am Jenny Hallam 10.40 - 11.10am Dr. Gary Richter
10.30 - 11.15am Robert Clarke 11.15 - 11.55am Martin A. Lee
11.20 - 12.00pm Jason Wilcox 12.00 - 12.45pm Dr. Rachna Patel
12.05 - 12.40pm Klara Marosszeky 12.50 - 1.25pm Andrew Kavasilis
12.45 - 1.25pm Dr Gary Richter 1.30 - 2.00pm Ben & Michael Oakley
1.30 - 2.10pm Anastasia Suraev 2.05 - 2.55pm Robert Clarke
2.15 - 3.00pm Viola Brugnatelli 3.00 - 3.25pm Australian Industrial Hemp Assoc.
3.05 - 3.50 Dr Rachna Patel 3.25pm Close
3.55 - 4.00pm Dr. Teresa Towpik    
4.05 - 4.50pm Martin A. Lee    
4.55 - 5.30pm PTSD - Weeded Warriors    
5.35 - 6.00pm Fiona Patten    


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Invited Speakers SYDNEY 2017

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  • Ben Oakley - AN AMAZING YOUNG MAN!

    It’s not everyone who can say that they know the exact time that there life changed forever. A few people in the world know. An Accident or an Injury yes. But a Disease? Very few people in the world can say that they know the exact time it happened. My Son, Ben Oakley is one of those people. At 17 years and 40 days he was one of the youngest in the world to have been struck down with a very Rare Disease. If that was not bad enough the condition is generally a slow degeneration, Ben’s life changed in an instant! Prior to becoming systematic Ben was the single most active person I have ever known .... A 1 in a Million disease, only 20 people in Australia – Stiff Person Syndrome .... Ben has the most intense pain any human should ever have to endure when it all goes wrong! Ben is forced to be in a wheelchair for anything more than a short distance. Modern medicine does not understand Ben’s condition, the treatments that his specialist have given him are powerful, addictive and just as debilitating as the disease! That was until we were contacted by an Angel offering hope, hope in the form of Medicinal Cannabis. Ben has gone from at the worst 61 Full body muscle spasm in a day to since commencing on Cannabis oil 16 months ago 3 spasms only lasting a few minutes each! More of Ben's story at the Expo. A must to view ...Ben's Facebook Video

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  • Viola Brugnatelli – NEUROSCIENTIST

    Viola Brugnatelli is a Neuroscientist specialised in Cannabinoid circuitry, GPCRs signalling, and neuropharmacology. Her academy and research training let her gain extensive experience on medical cannabis and phytoceuticals both from preclinical as well as clinical perspective. She works as a consultant and speaker at seminars, workshops & tutorials for MDs, Universities and individual patients. She has been raised by the concepts of equality, responsibility and love towards the environment, others and oneself. In her vision, collective human knowledge behold the power for overall improvement of life at all its forms, thus, it should be accessible and shareable. Viola is currently researching therapeutic potentials of terpenes at University College of Dublin, Ireland, and established since 2014 the Science Online Magazine Nature Going Smart.

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  • Klara Marosszeky – MANAGING DIRECTOR OF the AHMC

    Klara Marosszeky has been involved in the Australian Hemp industry for 17 years in both the farming and construction sectors. She is Secretary of Northern Rivers Hemp as well as the Managing Director of the Australian Hemp Masonry Company (AHMC). The company supplies Australian hemp building materials for new builds and for retrofitting homes for greater energy efficiency.

    Klara is a qualified workplace trainer and assessor, with a background in sustainability education as well as in hemp construction and delivers workshops and training for Owner builders, Builders, Building designers and Architects. Since her first research crop on 2 hectares in Wollombi in the NSW Hunter Valley in 1999, Klara has grown hemp for fibre on dryland as well as irrigated farms in several regions of NSW.

    Klara is a passionate advocate for the ecological benefits of hemp, its potential for contributing to sustainable communities and regional development and the major potential for carbon sequestration that is available through the combination of sustainable hemp farming and carbon storage in hemp masonry buildings. She has recently returned from the US where she presented at the International Soil not Oil Conference in Richmond California on the value of hemp in farm crop rotations and Trinidad where she ran a workshop for Native Indian communities interested in social housing, regenerative farming and carbon sequestration with hemp.

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    Weeded Warrior is a place for those with service-related trauma and their families to discover safe & healthy treatment modalities to treat and deal with the challenges associated with trauma related mental illness. We also welcome families of current serving personnel to learn how best to support your loved one during difficult times.

    Weeded Warrior was created by a former Australian Infantry Soldier and his partner after their experience with Defence-endorsed conventional treatments left them feeling helpless and more traumatised as they navigated “the system”. After years of dedicated, self-funded research, including a U.S. trip to meet world leading doctors, professors, field researchers and practitioners, their expert knowledge in Integrative Post Traumatic Stress Treatment has made them strong and passionate advocates for research into new approaches to PTSD, as they continue to encourage change in the medical and political arena.

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  • Bob Doyle- President Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance

    Graduated UNE with a Rural Science degree and spent 3 ½ years in NSW Agriculture as the Dairy Lecturer at Tocal College. Was a dairy farmed for 23 years at Eden Vale Vacy and a partner in Doyle Rural Services a farm consulting and contracting business.

  • A partner in Hemp International Australia trading locally as Dungog Hemp Foundation Chair of the Paterson Allyn Valley landcare (1990) and current member of Gresford District Landcare Group ..... Worked with NSW Nature Conservation Council with training integrating native habitat and agriculture.

  • In 2008 commenced involvement in the Industrial hemp industry, the year NSW Hemp Act was passed. A 6th generation farmer in our district with our 3 children actively involved in industrial hemp. President of AIHA

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  • Martin A. Lee – director of Project CBD

    Project CBD is an educational service that focuses on cannabis science and therapeutics. Martin is the author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific, winner of the American Botanical Council's James A. Duke Award for Excellence in Botanical Literature. He is also co-founder of the media watch group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting).

    Presentation Day 1: "CBD: Game-Changer for Medical Marijuana"

    Presentation Day 2: "Beyond THC and CBD: Cannabis Therapeutics and Holistic Healing"

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    Tim Harding is a multi-award winning Australian entertainer best known for his part in the International children's TV phenomenon, Hi-5. Screened in over 200 countries, the group toured in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK and Ireland. During his time with Hi-5, the group bagged 3 Logie awards, 5 ARIA awards and a Helpman award. He has fronted several bands and continues to work as a vocalist and musician. Since Tim left Hi-5 in 2007, he has worked as an actor, public speaker, writer, producer and director, creating solutions for both government and corporate organisations. More recently, Tim has received national attention because his daughter suffers from intractable epilepsy. After the failure of many conventional treatments in trying to reduce his daughter's seizures, he is now a passionate advocate of medicinal cannabis.

    "For at least 5000 years our ancestors used Cannabis for many things including medicine. It was only around 80 years ago that our perception of this plant was changed to one of fear, mistrust and moral outrage. Today we stand under the weight of mounting medical and scientific evidence, our bias against Cannabis has been unjustified and unnecessary. We are only just beginning to discover the secrets behind why humans used this amazing plant successfully for so long. It is through our love and compassion that we can let go of our fears and our prejudice and give hope and dignity to those who are suffering."

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  • Robert C. Clarke – AUTHOR, Ethnobotanist, Plant Breeder & Agronomist

    Rob Clarke has devoted his entire professional career and much of his personal life to studying the Cannabis plant and human-cannabis relationships. He is the author of “ The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis ”(1977), “ Marijuana Botany ” (1981) and “ HASHISH! ” (1998) and coauthor of “Hemp Pests and Diseases ” (2000) and “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany ” (2013) . Rob has also written several book chapters and numerous peer-reviewed articles, as well as participating in international conferences, and his work is widely known and recognized by a popular audience as well as academic peers. Rob maintains a lengthy working relationship with HortaPharm BV in the Netherlands specializing in industrial and medicinal Cannabis breeding, and continues to serve as Projects Manager for the International Hemp Association. During the past three decades Rob has traveled extensively documenting traditional Cannabis production and use, increasingly threatened by globalization and cultural prejudice, and has assembled a comprehensive collection of Eurasian hemp textiles. Rob presently heads BioAgronomics Group an international cannabis consultancy specializing in smoothing the transition into a wholly legal and normalized cannabis market.

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  • Jason Wilcox – Co-Founder and President of Cannabis Rights Coalition, Founder of Cannabis in Canada Inc, Social Justice Activist.

    Jason recently won a David vs Goliath battle in Canadian federal courts. This victory lead to a federal restraining order known as (Allard v HTMQ Her Majesty the Queen). This injunction arrested the government's ability to ban the personal growth of cannabis until a federal trial commenced. The subsequent trail resulted in a substantial win for the plaintiffs and the government was mandated to pay them over $700 000. This landmark win is by the far the most successful outcome for cannabis activists in Canadian Legal history.

  • With 20 years of activism/advocacy under his belt, and five long years battling in court, the Allard injunction is his greatest accomplishment yet. His love for the plant and his patriotism to his people has given Jason the perseverance needed to realize change in Canada. His brain child, The Cannabis Rights Coalition of Canada has changed federal law. The Allard trial forced the government to amend their legalization model. They now have proposed that those Canadians needing access to marijuana shall be permitted to grow up to four plants per adult. This change is to be formally legalized in 2108/2019. This is a great victory for end users of cannabis in Canada and surely will improve overall access for all.

  • Jason is not one to sit back and bask in his victories. He is always looking to move forward, promoting the plant that he loves and has masterfully cultivated for the last 20 years. He is currently working with He is featured as a grow room show host due to his Growing expertise. Jason was recently profiled in High Times and is quickly becoming a household brand for the world of marijuana. Whether it be the news, the internet, a dispensary, web shows, magazines, or cannabis cups, you can be sure you will see Jason Wilcox there as he truly is the face of Cannabis in Canada.

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  • Fiona PatTen – Victorian MP and Leader of the Australian Sex Party

    Since her election to the Victorian upper house in 2014 she has successfully instigated physician assisted dying laws, a landmark inquiry into drug reform, the legalisation of ridesharing and the introduction of a bill for both safe injecting facilities and pill testing.

    ..... Fiona is a strong proponent of medicinal cannabis for many years and has mixed and met with the medicinal cannabis community for over a decade. She has criticised the limited scope of existing Victorian medicinal cannabis laws and called on the state government to make medicinal cannabis available to the same patient cohort as recommended by the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC).

  • In 2015 Fiona proposed legislative amendments in the Parliament of Victoria to this effect, has long lobbied for change in this area and hopes that we can draw on an expanding body of research work to make medicinal cannabis available to the widest possible range of patients. Fiona has travelled extensively in jurisdictions where medicinal cannabis is common and learnt much about successful and not so successful models regulation.

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  • Anastasia Suraev – Research Associate The University of Sydney

    Anastasia Suraev is a Research Associate at The Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics, The University of Sydney. Anastasia graduated from Masters in Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) at The University of Melbourne in 2015 where she completed her thesis on the cognitive outcomes of people with severe and treatment-resistant epilepsy, primarily Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

  • Currently, Anastasia is coordinating the PELICAN research study, which aims to take an in-depth look into community use of cannabis-based products as treatment for paediatric epilepsy. As part of this study, she is interviewing families of children with epilepsy about their experiences with and opinions on the use of cannabis and hemp-based products as a way to manage seizures.

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  • Dr Rachna Patel

    Dr. Rachna Patel has been practicing in the area of Medical Marijuana since 2012. She step-by-step walks patients through how to safely use medical marijuana for their specific medical condition without getting high off it, without getting addicted to it, and without smoking it.

  • She speaks from the experience of having treated thousands of patients and having read research study upon research study on marijuana.

  • She completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Vallejo, California) and her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois). You can learn more about the work she does at

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    Nurture and nature comes naturally to Jenny. Jenny, a wildlife carer is also an 'accidental' healer of many. Accidental because her ability to heal others was born out of necessity to lessen her own pain and suffering.

  • Jenny discovered the properties of Medical Cannabis when exploring better options than opioids prescribed for her own chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

  • Compassion is one of her many qualities. Jenny is now also an enthusiastic Cannabis activist. She is driven by her own life experience and by those she has assisted. It is Jenny's dream to see safe and sound access to Medical Cannabis a reality in South Australia.

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  • DR Gary Richter – "America's Favourite Vet" treating pets with Medicinal Cannabis

    Gary Richter, MS, DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. In addition to conventional veterinary medical training, Dr. Richter is certified in veterinary acupuncture as well as veterinary chiropractic. .. Dr. Richter understands the benefits of both conventional and holistic treatment methods for the preventative and therapeutic care of pets. He focuses on the integration of holistic and general practice veterinary medicine, regenerative medicine, as well as educating professionals and pet owners on the benefits of integrative care.

  • By integrating medical cannabis with other conventional and alternative therapies, Dr. Richter has been able to improve the quality and quantity of life of pets living with medical conditions ranging from arthritis to inflammatory bowel disease to cancer. Dr. Richter and his two hospitals have been the recipients of over twenty local and national awards including “Best Veterinary Hospital”, “Best Veterinarian”, “Best Canine Therapy Facility” and “Best Alternative Medicine Provider”.

  • Montclair Veterinary Hospital and its associated non-profit, The Pet and Wildlife Fund, was named a “Pillar” of Oakland for years of community service helping pets and wildlife in need. PetPlan named Dr. Richter as one of the top ten veterinarians in the United States for 2011 and Montclair Veterinary Hospital as one of the top ten veterinary hospitals in 2013. In 2015, Dr. Richter was awarded the title, “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. He has two books being published in 2017. “Integrative Medicine For Dogs and Cats” ... and “CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Healing With Medical Cannabis”.

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  • Andrew Kavasilas – HEMP FARMER, President of the Northern River Hemp Association

    Andrew Kavasilas is a contemporary pioneer of emerging Australian cannabis industries, a noted cannabis researcher, he has worked, coordinated and funded many projects under various government permits since 1999, including the growing high THC cannabis.

  • Currently, Andrew is Secretary of the Australian HEMP Party, a NSW licensed hemp grower and continues with ongoing broad acre trials. For the past 6 years Andrew has undertaken breeding programs to refine low THC cannabis varieties for seed and fibre production, and other scientific exploration.

  • Andrew sees great opportunities in future Australian hemp industries, especially around hemp seed foods as legislation moves to formally allow its consumption in Australia which would allow Australian farmers and processors access to expanding international markets.

  • Please take the time to have a look at snap shot of Andrew's work at the live cannabis plant display, an Australian first in public exhibition.

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    Born in Poland Teresa worked as a junior doctor in a hospital in Glogow, a small town not too far from the German border. Arriving in Australia in 1987, she worked in Fairfield and Liverpool hospital then General Practice from 1993. She worked as a solo GP for a few years, then in a small family practice and later in large medical centres, currently based in Katoomba.

  • Over the years Teresa embraced different aspects of healing, not only as a doctor but as a patient as well. When going through breast cancer 16 years ago, she learnt about different patient's attitudes and expectations realising that modern medicine is very much based on evidence. "The absence of evidence is no evidence of absence. We need balance and we need to listen to patients as well".

  • Healing occurs on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual and Teresa sees great potential in cannabis which is an ancient, sophisticated and diverse medicine, is very interested in further learning, research and the application of cannabis in general practice.

  • "I am hoping that it will be legalised and regulated soon, so doctors and patients can take advantage of its great healing potential".

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  • Hemp Farms Australia

    HFA is a partnership turned company owned and operated by two young Brisbane entrepreneurs. Since 2013 Hemp Farms Australia has aimed at filling the gaps in Australia's seed supply, and building a vertically integrated cannabis business from the primary production level upwards.

  • With a family history in agriculture and a secure seed bank, after years of trialling, we are ready to begin contracting out our seed to farmers in hope hemp could re spark a somewhat stagnant agricultural industry. We are passionate about creating a business that is sustainable which does not impact the environment or others.

  • We see hemp as having the potential to replace many unsustainable or inefficient commodities and have been endeavoring to secure our position in the market for when hemp eventually takes off. We are now in a position to begin equipping other farmers with the necessary knowledge and varieties to help seed a budding industry.


The HHI Expo 2016 was a HUGE success. The Sydney Expo 2017 is held over two days commencing Saturday 27th May to Sunday 28th May 2017, we invite you to contact us for more details. Secure your spot. Get in early so you do not miss out on this special event!